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Our mission is to help dismantle the entrenched mindset and behaviors inherited from colonization, a presence that very much affects many people’s current ways of thinking, values, personal lives, and communities. We are especially dedicated to cultivating awareness, resiliency, and personal accountability among individuals who are white-bodied or white-presenting.

What we do


Based on our research of the question “What is the culture that surrounds us?” our offerings guide folks to take a step back to look at the historical context in which we find ourselves, specifically how Western European colonizers have influenced many of our values, beliefs, and ways of thinking. We also offer organizational survey services to assess needs and wellness.


From organizational meetings to workshops, we guide groups with focused attention on balancing power and privilege differentials in a trauma-informed way, while creating plenty of time for self-reflection and connecting with others, curated for participant needs. We help people re-imagine the kind of culture they choose to cultivate within their organizations and communities.

Re-imagine Culture

The societal norms and structures of the mainstream U.S. are unique to settler-colonization culture. Organizing resources and people by inventing distinct categories of identities, land, and ideas, and then placing those on a hierarchy, is a system we can choose to release. We at Apokalypsis invite you to join us in re-imaging a culture that prioritizes connection.


“I came to Ronin’s ‘Me and White Supremacy’ workshop with a lot of questions about how to show up as a white-bodied educator and academic who cares about social justice and collective liberation. Through Ronin’s learning group, I had the opportunity to sit with my internalized white supremacy and begin the work of developing an antiracist practice in a warm and non-judgmental community of people on similar journeys. Ronin brings a compassionate approach to the learning environment that makes the heavy lifting of this work feel less intimidating, and their embodied example helped me make critical connections between my spiritual healing journey and antiracist practice. Thanks to Ronin, I now understand my role in antiracist work as a white-bodied person and have the knowledge and tools to build antiracist practice into the work I do in my community. I highly recommend Ronin’s MWS learning group to anyone who wants to learn how to be a better ally but is afraid of being judged along the journey and doesn’t know where to begin.” -Addie P., Educator and DEI+ Practitioner

“I first met Ronin Quirke in 2020 when like so many of us, I felt compelled to examine my role in the current state of racial despair. I was apprehensive to sign up for the 10 week book group using Layla Saad’s ‘Me and White Supremacy’ as I knew there were gaps in my understanding but I didn’t know how to get at them. Ronin provided the perfect container to allow for vulnerability, shame and grief to be examined and worked with in a meaningful way. It truly changed my life and inspired me to actively look at my sphere of influence and my relationships so I could initiate difficult conversations I have been conditioned to avoid. When I decided to bring in what we have now dubbed ‘white work’ to my group therapy practice, I knew Ronin was the person to help us dig out of our stuck places. I was so pleased they were willing to bring their knowledge and experience to help our white bodied clinicians cultivate an environment of honesty, an increased tolerance of discomfort around topics of race and privilege as well as humility. My team has enjoyed Ronin’s compassion and humor along with a wealth of resources that we can continue to work with on our own. The work of uprooting systemic pain is hard and you don’t have to do it alone or without guidance. The very nature of Ronin’s style is collaborative and supportive accountability and I know so much healing is available to us both individually and collectively with folx like Robin willing to walk with us through the tangled path.” – Erin Frazier-Maskiell, Alive Holistic Counseling 

“Ronin is a gem for leading workshops and education sessions related to diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as facilitating book club learning groups. I’ve always been impressed with Ronin’s ability to provide examples and share their personal experiences. Ronin creates a safe space for others to learn and share. They are willing to dig into the uncomfortable conversations and ideas to ignite change and progress. Ronin is sensitive to establishing trust and also direct with issues that come up. Ronin has always provided thorough resources and offered to have follow up conversations with folks. As a physical educator, they also recognize the importance of mind-body connection on these critical topics and acknowledging how we embody this work.” – Chantelle Russell, University of Oregon Department of Physical Education & Recreation

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