Apokalypsis Offerings


We believe in order to truly lean into equity and inclusion efforts, it is important to take the time to understand the culture in which we find ourselves, and how it has shaped each of us. With that in mind, every workshop:

  • is designed to meet the needs of the group, be it educators, health and wellness practitioners, therapists, social service nonprofits, etc.,
  • acknowledges with respect and care how the healing of personal, ancestral, and cultural trauma is key to dismantling harmful cultural norms and cultivating something new, and
  • can be designed for a racially mixed group (with affinity space break-out groups) or for just white folks.

Some examples of workshop topics: “Re-imagining Culture” (noticing settler-colonizer culture in our organizations, personal values, and ways of thinking), “The Myth of Objectivity,” and “Cultivating Belonging.” Reach out to us at info@apok-ccrf.org if you’d like this service for your organization.

Emotional Resilience and Accountability Training Course

The Emotional Resilience and Accountability Training is a two-part course for white and white-presenting folks to help them stabilize, ground, and fully engage with accountability and movement towards an anti-racist culture.

This professional and personal development opportunity was created for white folks because they are often difficult to talk to when it comes to ways in which white supremacy culture has impacted how they show up in a space. This tendency is a major hindrance to cultural progress and healing.

Designed to mitigate this tendency, you will be guided in this training to do deep introspective work that will heighten your emotional resiliency, a skill that is foundational and necessary to truly move DEI efforts forward.

In this context, emotional resiliency means being accountable for our personal legacy of whiteness—carrying that weight with humble dignity. It means repeated willingness to ride the rapids of emotions, with care of the collective as our priority. Learn more here.


For every event we facilitate, from organizational meetings to workshops, we aim to balance power and privilege differentials in a trauma-informed way, while creating plenty of time for self-reflection and connecting with others, curated for participant needs. We are able to facilitate groups either in-person or in virtual spaces like Zoom. Reach out to us at info@apok-ccrf.org if you’d like this service for your organization.

MWS Learning Groups for White Folks

Without shaming, our “me and white supremacy” learning groups help white-bodied and white-presenting people become more aware of the ways in which we have internalized white supremacy, to help us become more aware of how we impact Black, Indigenous, and other folks of color. In doing this internal work, we not only cause less harm in the world, but we also become more mature, authentic versions of ourselves as we move towards creating a new culture. These groups are multi-week, with Zoom and in-person options. Learn more here.

Crockpot Convos

Join us for a facilitated conversation! We’ll cook you dinner, and offer you comfy seats. Learn more here.

One-on-one consultation

We offer individual one-on-one consultation for those looking for help in uprooting internalized white supremacy within themselves, family systems, communities, or within an organization or school. Reach out to us at info@apok-ccrf.org if you’d like this service.


Research is an integral aspect of all the work we do– looking into the history and psychology of settler-colonizer culture is the base from which all of our offerings spring.

We also offer equity and inclusion-centered surveying services for organizations (including schools) that want to get a sense of how folks are doing within the organization. Reach out to us at info@apok-ccrf.org if you’d like this service for your organization.

For more information, or to schedule an offering, email us at info@apok-ccrf.org or fill out our contact form found here.